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Was it worth it

    Silence is Violence – May 28th, 2023

    Our grandfathers would not have fought if they knew where we are now.

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    1 thought on “Was it worth it”

    1. The jews lost their souls when they called for Barabbas to be freed and crucified Jesus Christ and called out “let his blood be on our hands and our childrens forever”.
      They then became the property of Satan from the time they first existed, in any previous incarnation. Noah, Jepeth, Gomer, then Ashkenaz. Eracing all and any knowledge of God from them. They became the minions of Satan and portals to demons from Hell from their first incarnations. The present changes the past and the future.

      The tribe of Ashkenaz took the bargain that Jesus in the wilderness refused, when Satan offered him all the wealth and power in the world, if he would deny his father and worship Satan in his place. The tribe of Ashkenaz accepted his bargain, so they go directly to Hell when they die, and all children born of a jewish mother are born soulless psychopaths under the total control of Satan who all end up in Hell with them. Each is given at birth demons to possess them, demons from Hell. Satn does not allow free will in his slaves. The jews are Satan’s tools on earth. They are his minions who perform the work he wants done: to destroy all Christianity, to take souls and Jesus from God’s children.

      God gives the jews NOTHING. They can only rob what they have from the gentiles by using trickery. The private jewish owned money system is the Jewish source of POWER on earth. It is the only way they have gained power on earth. They have used it to steal all resources and enslave gentiles under their control. With it they make all wars and take all the spoils by controlling both sides of every war. Wars are how they get gentiles to kill each other for them.

      The top wealthiest jews are the most evil: they are also possessed from birth by demons, but they are the vessels/bodies that the Nephilim, the fallen angels who were never human possess, the ones who hide themselves and intermarry with all the Royalty. They get jewish women to birth children when they intermarry making the royals totally jewish by now. They do here on earth everything that is done only in HELL and they are working to end any activity or consciousness, that is of God in Heaven. They have technology to remove your souls from your body/mark of the beast. It will be used in tandem with CBDCs. God has infinite unlimited powers. He is love, truth, mercy and joy. The jews are the exact opposite.
      The wealthier a jew is, the more evil the demons that control them are.
      The jews and the demons that own them have only technology that destroys life in the long run, they have only poisons and death, and all the evils of Hell itself to bring to this earth. The jew can do no good, they are not of God.
      They are destroyers and liars and violent, cruel and sadistic. They have no compassion or empathy, they are insane. They can not ever tell the truth, except for enough wealth and power, offered they would do anything no matter how evil. They will crave wealth and power only for eternity and they will NEVER have it. It is the carrot Satan uses under their noses to make them his slaves. Anything the jews own or touch, wherever they exist turns into a desert, where no life can exist. Nothing will grow or become good in their presence, or under their control, it just becomes as evil as they are.

      Jews are literally portals for demons to come to earth.
      They have no souls, they are just born soulless bodies with huge egos in place of a soul, they are each and every one of them if born of a jewish mother: a vessel for demons to use to do The will of Satan on earth.

      We gentiles are born with souls and are appointed guardian angels at birth.
      Our true purpose on earth is to do God’s will here on earth and love one another as he loves us. We have the ability to do that should we choose to.

      However the jews want to make all gentiles their little mini me’s, to make us as evil and soulless and from Hell as they are and do the will of their God Lucifer and end up in Hell with them when we die. They exist to be everything that Satan is, Satan is the ideal all jews aspire to become. They are 100% pure evil. There is no limit to the evil a jew is capable of doing. They have NOTHING in them of God, they are alien to this earth. They all belong in Hell and that is where they all end up.

      The truth is this: Hitler wanted to stop all the soulless jewish women from procreating soulless jewish children.

      That is the right thing to do. He did not and would not kill any of them.
      That is wrong. The camps were fabulous as the Red Cross attested to when they inspected them.
      That is why they were locked up in camps, so they could no longer reproduce.
      These camps were like country clubs. The war broke the supply chains and ruined the camps.
      The stories the jews made up about Hitler’s camps are the true stories of what the jews did to the Russian and Chinese gentiles during the communist revolutions they infiltrated, orchestrated and controlled. They murdered 100’s of millions of gentiles in the most gruesome and sadistic ways imaginable.

      Hitler had no problem with jews who came from a jewish father and a gentile mother.
      Those were the jews who he trusted and who served him.

      What he did to them is the accepted practice in the higher realms above the earth.
      They are kept isolated and separated male from female and they are allowed to die out.
      Hitler was a kind and compassionate person who was not from this earth. When he left he went up like Jesus did body and all. He was like Jesus. That is why there is no trace of Hitler’s body.
      Hitler was like Jesus and all who knew him personally thought he was Jesus
      He had no greed, or desire for power and he did not want War. He wanted to Save Germany from the Hell it had become under the oppression of evil demonic jews.

      He came to save us from the demon possessed jews, who all work for Satan.

      He changed laws so Lobsters would not suffer when they were killed.
      He invented the boiling water method.
      He passed the first animal anti cruelty laws.
      He was a vegetarian because he could not eat animals he did not want animals to suffer.
      Jesus was also a vegetarian as were his followers for the first 300 years after he died.
      The jews eat meat because they love to make animals suffer.
      They cannot get sustenance from our mother earth, because she will not feed them, they are no longer her children. They are demonic evil, selfish and self-centered enemies from Hell of her children, the children of God. They cannot succeed at farming. Everything they touch withers and dies because they are the energy of Hate, life killing energy is what they emit.
      That is why they move from place to place.
      The jews sadistically and evilly torture animals and lie calling it “medical or scientific research”.
      They torture and sadistically treat all gentiles making them sicker and call it “medicine”.
      Every lie the jews say about Hitler is what is true about themselves, they are the antichrist.

      He was the most kind, good and compassionate person on earth, he could not harm anyone. He was all LOVE. He was all goodness, all truth and was here to save you.
      He was NOTHING, that the jews say he was. They projected their own evil onto Hitler.
      They painted him to be like the devils the jews really are.
      You have offended God when you insult and disparage his name.
      May God have mercy on your souls for what you have done to Hitler’s memory.
      When you are judged by God you will all be ashamed of your gullibility.

      The jews cried 6 million were killed in WW1. No one believed them then. So the jews purposely caused the great depression of 1929, in order to buy up all the communications and educational news and entertainment media. They did it in order to LIE and get you to believe 6 million jews died after WW2. Even though there is no difference in the number of jews before or after WW2. They caused the crash so they could buy it CHEAPER, for pennies on the dollar, so that they would sell it to the evil jews for lack of money. They control the world through their control of the money system. They use it to enslave you. It is the jews who made our own present day governments to maim,, injure, blind and genocide their own citizens even children with covid jabs, that come from the jews and like the jews, are from HELL itself.

      The jewish bankers are the enemies of all life on earth, they are the rulers of Hell and alien beings not from earth and now they have taken the entire world over as the New World Order.
      The Banking system is a religion, the religion of Lucifer worshiped as God, that the fallen angels of Hell follow. They call it “The Order”. They control freemasonry. No freemason is free, and they do not build anything, they destroy everything for Lucifer.
      Hitler and Goebbels fought them and fought against freemasonry.
      The jews are just the soulless demon infested army Satan uses to fight against the children of God.
      The demonic rulers of Hell use and control the jews completely. They are slaves and have no free will. even the demons that possess them are completely under the control of Lucifer through Satan.

      Hitler was a Saviour of mankind. I love Hitler, and I am so completely grateful for all he did for us, or it would be even worse for us now. We now live in a world that the jews are turning into a replica of their true homeland: Lucifer’s kingdom of Eternal Hell.

      Anyone who goes along with the evil plans of the jews is their accomplice and therefore equally guilty for the sins they commit against God, our souls and all that is holy.

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