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Warning: Disturbingly Graphic | D.U.M.B.S and the Underground War

    Satanists and Reptos eating our children

    Larry Hannigan – May 14, 2022

    2 thoughts on “Warning: Disturbingly Graphic | D.U.M.B.S and the Underground War”

    1. Franz Von Garmisch

      The content of this article / group of articles is disturbing to the point of sick and perverted subjects to gain support for unHoly subjects. I have no interest in this type of reporting that prays on the minds of normal folks. I have seen much worse by members of the human race that were educated in the communist schools of “we do it because we must.” And that to total BS. Anyone who has ever seen a small body that was cooked by napalm, know that the heads explode. Therefore, your images are faked and staged for you audience of mindless village idiots. I deplore your journalism and state that it is all fake.

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