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Walmart Eggs made out of Plastic

bitchuter321 – February 2nd, 2023

2 thoughts on “Walmart Eggs made out of Plastic”

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  2. This type of substitution and imposter products posing as real food has been happening all the time in China. China is the NWO’s ‘MODEL’ nation.
    Of course they will make it happen here as well.
    In China people Vanish (are abducted) off the street every day, all over China.
    I will also come here.
    Meanwhile it is ISRAEL that reaps the profits.
    They have a record numbers of organ transplants every year.
    They all have guns and they work hard to carry out false flag events, hoaxes to implement the Laws that take away guns from all the gentile nations.
    It is why they wanted their own nation.
    They, the jews will have everything, and we will have nothing, not even families or our own children.
    They will be the State and the state will control every nation on earth.
    Jukraine is just a war to extend Israel to Ukraine. They have even announced it as the future Big Israel. The wars coming will just be genocide ethnic cleansing of all gentiles from Ukraine and making the populations left alive too weak and helpless and without gins or health (via the Jab) to fight them, who will be the only ones with weapons and FOOD.
    They are the ones who are bringing the coming Mark of the beast+digital ID, the Chabad Lubavitch, and Jared Kushner.
    They are using the War in Jukraine to weaken and bankrupt the West.

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