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WAKE UP AMERICA! Bold Billionaire Offers $1 Million Bounty for Dominion’s, Eric Coomer’s Comeuppance

    Jim Hoft – Published December 28, 2020 at 12:10pm

    Alki David, Billionaire Businessman, Podcaster

    Want to make a quick million? All you have to do is tell the truth that could save America.

    In a world on the edge of collapse into global technocratic authoritarianism, that’s how easy it is to be an instant hero right now. And a millionaire.

    Alki David is a billionaire mogul and podcaster. He is also, apparently, not an anti-American globalist. That makes at least one. We must celebrate him and get his message out, despite knowing little else about the man. Perhaps more will follow and he can give us all more details about his bounty. We would love to hear from him.

    The Mogul retweeted a story from (a site that is affiliated with his media site).  Mr. David is upset about the state of America and The West due to governmental Covid overreach and election fraud.  He admonishes us all to “WAKE UP AMERICA!” To this end, he is offering a $1,000,000 bounty for any “irrefutable evidence that the Dominion Voting Systems and its employee Eric Coomer produced fraudulent votes during the 2020 election.” A cool million dollars isn’t quite enough to get you a dumpy house in Silicon Valley’s Bay Area that a Tech Mogul might have.  However, it just might get you about 2000 Playstation 5s or a few hundred thousand rolls of toilet paper for the government’s coming Covid-pocalypse.

    But, wait!  There’s more!

    According to the article, the tech and cannabis billionaire also “offered $1000 to anyone who went to their local hospital in a supposed COVID hotspot and filmed the ER and ICU admittance areas. He showed some of the winning entries on his Instagram Stories: Empty parking lots and waiting areas in Germany, the UK and America.”

    PR Stunt or not, America appreciates and desperately needs honest, courageous displays of capitalism in defense of American freedom and society, and we hope this one is honest and legitimate.

    We know that Dominion is one of the companies accused of massive fraud in numerous lawsuits around the country stemming from the 2020 election. But who is Eric Coomer?

    Besides being stunningly attractive and not at all menacing in appearance, Eric Coomer is an alleged PhD who allegedly worked for Dominion, possibly doing menial tasks, cleaning glass, and growing a neckbeard—though we cannot confirm anything except the neckbeard.

    As an employee of Dominion, he seemed to be fairly integral.  In fact, he seems to have designed several voting machine patents beginning in 2011, at least some of which belonged to dominion but now belong to China’s HSBC as of last year.

    An affidavit from Trump Lawsuit highlighting Coomer’s Dominion Patent, now alleged to belong to China[/caption]

    He also can be seen in training videos explaining to users ‘adjudication’ functions on the vote machine that could allegedly be used to alter votes, singularly or in bulk, if a nefarious user chose to do so.  It is also alleged that he or Dominion performed illegal un-certified updates to possibly 1000s of Georgia election machines just days before the election.

    This much we know.

    Coomer and Dominion Voting Systems are also allegedly threatening hefty lawsuits against all websites and news agencies who dare to speak out against their alleged massive national (and possibly international) scheme to allegedly rig our alleged elections.  That is why we all must be very careful about what we say about Dominion and The Great and Powerful Eric Coomer. Allegedly.

    Jim Hoft

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