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Voting Problems Right Out Of The Gate – The Fix Is Always In The Winners Were Decided Long Ago

Jim Crenshaw – November 8th, 2022

This was in Arizona. The same state they accidentaly ran election results on TV a couple of weeks ago. They have decided these races weeks ago. Here is that screw up:
Channel 10 in Phoenix shows the results for the AZ governors race 12 days before election

I don’t vote. It is meaningless. It is a waste of time and energy and it encourages the criminals. If it counted or meant anything then they would not allow it. It is an illusion. Don’t agree, don’t contract, don’t consent, don’t vote. The only thing I see correcting this at this point is blood in the streets. Rockefeller says that is when they make the most money. Maybe…maybe not this time if it is their blood that is running in the street.

Here is an explanation of why not to vote:
The illusion of freedom and the democracy scam – Why I say “don’t vote”:

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