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Virologists (Clinical Scientists) exposes Covid19 hoax

    The Resistance 1776 – April 15th, 2021.

    Lab scientists proves the COVID-19 Virus is a hoax, as Fauci is exposed as the ‘Father of the Pandemic.’

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    The Resistance 1776

    4 thoughts on “Virologists (Clinical Scientists) exposes Covid19 hoax”

    1. When suing these organisations through the legal systems which they own, operate and control, the can just gets kicked further down the lane tantalising us with phantom progress like a donkey taking empty bites at a carrot on a stick. Check out the interview between Scott McKay and Christopher James about how to take our public courthouses back to prosecute them successfully to have any chance of halting this travesty in its tracks.

    2. Of course Covid is common flu. 99.997% survival rate! That’s NOT a pandemic! Its a PLANNED Demic! The “vaccine” is not the normal attenuated virus . Its mRNA!

    3. Has anyone checked Fauci’s links to the distribution of Aids virus to the dozen or so cities of high gay population in USA?

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