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Victorians refused to allow an Andrews ‘dictatorship’ to ‘trump democracy’

    Sky News Australia – Nov 15, 2021

    Sky News host Peta Credlin says Victorians refused to allow an Andrews “dictatorship” to “trump democracy” at protests against proposed new pandemic laws over the weekend.

    Ms Credlin said Saturday afternoon’s protests against the Andrews government’s proposed pandemic bill attracted people from “all walks of life” and “political affiliations”.

    “Ordinary Victorians, many of who have never protested before, but who said over and over again, that these laws were a tipping point for them, and they couldn’t stay silent any longer,” she said.

    “To me, it was the moment, when Melbourne got some of its self-respect back.

    “Honestly, after the humiliation of going from most liveable city in the world to the most locked down, it was as though ordinary citizens said enough, not in my name.”

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