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Victorian government secures support for pandemic bill

    Sky News Australia – Nov 30, 2021

    The Victorian government has secured the final vote it needs to pass its controversial pandemic bill – after agreeing to six amendments.

    One of the key amendments is the establishment of a new panel to independently review appeals to detention enforced by public health orders.

    A new parliamentary joint special committee – made up of a minority of government MPs – will also be formed to review the public health orders.

    Debate on the bill will start today, with a vote expected on Thursday.

    Below are Mp’s that are voting in favour of the Pandemic Bill.

    Contact details below if you wish to express your concerns regarding the bill.

    Rodney Barton

    Party: Transport Matters Party

    Contact Details or Rod Bartons Website Here

    Jacinta Allan

    Party: Australian Labor Party

    Contact Details

    Andy Meddick

    Party: Animal Justice Party

    Contact Details

    Fiona Patten

    Party: Fiona Patten’s Reason Party

    Contact Details

    Samantha Ratnam

    Party: Victorian Greens

    Contact details

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