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Victoria state of emergency to be extended by 12 months

    Sky News Australia – Aug 24, 2020

    Premier Daniel Andrews has announced Victoria’s state of emergency will be extended for 12 months beyond the scheduled September 13 finish date.

    Mr Andrews said a decision was yet to be made as to when the Victorian Parliament would sit to pass the bill but it would be made “available at the appropriate time”.

    He said they had to assume a vaccine would not be available before next year and had to correspondingly extend the lockdown measures beyond the normal six-month legal limit.

    “Those sorts of rules are all a product of the state of emergency and the provisions within the public health and well-being act need to be changed to reflect the fact that while we would all love this to be over by the 13 September, which is when the act says the state of emergency must end, that is just not going to be the case,” he said.

    “We are going to have this with us for a considerably longer period than that.”

    Sky News Australia

    1 thought on “Victoria state of emergency to be extended by 12 months”

    1. Piss-weak journalists should demand Dan Andrews provides, alongside ‘rona stats, these figures:
      . Jobless
      . Businesses bankrupt
      . Forced default mortgages
      . Homeless
      . Cases of domestic violence
      . Marriage breakdowns
      . Suicides
      . Cost of this madness
      . How and who’s going to pay.


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