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Victoria Facing Years of Mandatory Masks and Restrictions

    Victoria’s “end game” with COVID-19 no longer includes eliminating the virus but a permanent change to daily life for years.

    Samantha Maiden August 11, 2020

    Images Source: Getty Images

    Victoria’s “endgame” with COVID-19 no longer includes elimination and mandatory mask wearing is likely to remain a permanent feature of daily life for years until a vaccine is found for the killer virus.

    In disturbing new evidence to the state’s inquiry into the coronavirus second wave outbreak in Victoria, the Premier Dan Andrews has warned it’s a feature of outbreaks around the world that the second phase of infections is often more deadly than the first.

    When asked what the “endgame” of the extreme restrictions were the state’s chief health officer Brett Sutton also confirmed it was suppression, rather than elimination and it could be a battle that lasts for years.

    He also signalled that public mask wearing would have to remain as a “baseline” restriction for a long time.

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