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Vic ‘Resolving’ Unreported Deaths in Aged Care

    Sky News Australia – Aug 31, 2020

    Victoria Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has flagged more coronavirus deaths previously not included in Victoria’s daily death toll may soon be revealed.

    The state reported 41 new deaths on Monday however only eight were recorded in the past 24 hours with the remaining 33 taking place in the weeks leading up to Sunday.

    Mr Sutton said the deaths stretched back to late July and came from a number of aged care facilities in the state.

    “There is a reconciliation that we’ve needed to go through,” he said.

    “There are Commonwealth reporting obligations, state reporting processes, and we need to reconcile those cases, so that whatever the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre is reporting is absolutely consistent.

    “The Commonwealth has strengthened the reporting obligations in early August based on a need to have absolutely definitive data on deaths that have occurred in residence have coronavirus, and so in early August, there was a mandatory reporting to the Commonwealth that also goes to VA IRC on that basis.

    “I think most of these numbers are resolved. I think there will be some facilities that may still have a few cases to be reported through to the VARC, but I don’t expect a number anywhere near, close to 41 to occur again.”

    Sky News Australia

    1 thought on “Vic ‘Resolving’ Unreported Deaths in Aged Care”

    1. Seems rather ‘convenient’ that there are prior ‘unreported deaths’ that need to be ‘resolved’ and counted towards the current ‘covid death’ score-card.
      Can’t have those numbers coming down, now can we?
      Or, is there a possibility that this is just an opportunity to extend these draconian measures beyond the 6 month limitation?
      It’s also now becoming apparent that ‘the plan’ before these authoritarian lockdown restrictions are lifted, is a utopia where there are no deaths at all.
      Welcome to ‘Clown World’

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