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Vic govt is ‘trampling’ on human rights when it’s ‘no longer in their interest’

    Sky News Australia – Sep 4, 2020

    Liberal MP Tim Wilson says the arrest of two Victorians in recent days over their alleged involvement in organising anti-lockdown protests is a human rights concern for the state.

    “I think the problem that a lot of us had is we see this inconsistent application of the law where it’s fine for 10,000 people to march in Black Lives Matters … and [Daniel Andrews] wouldn’t stand up to them,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

    “But when it was somebody who had a disagreement he was prepared to use the heavy hand of the law, and really quite extreme.

    “I think, frankly, it highlights how much the modern left plays the rhetoric of human rights but not in practice the detail.

    “In Victoria we have this charter of human rights which is designed specifically to protect people, but as soon as it’s no longer in the interest of the government they have no issue in trampling on it to achieve their other objectives.”

    Sky News Australia

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