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‘Very few’ Australians are seriously sick with COVID-19

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    Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly has highlighted the fact that no Australian has died from COVID-19 in months or is in intensive care.

    “There’s very few people that are seriously sick. In fact, virtually none. There’s no-one in intensive care, and we haven’t seen a death in Australia from COVID for some months,” he said.

    “Contrast that with other countries, in the week up to 3 February, I spoke to National Cabinet today about that, in the US they had over a million cases in that week, and over 20,000 deaths.

    “We are in a very different situation. We have been all along, and that is – a lot of that is to do with the strength of our hotel quarantine systems and our border controls.

    “So, we continue to have a good situation here. In the last week, up to 3 February, we had only had 42 cases overall. All but two of those were overseas-acquired, and the other two, as we know, has been reported in WA and now in Victoria in quarantine workers.”

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