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Uvalde Police Release More Bodycam Footage of their High School Shooting Disaster

    magicbird – July 19th, 2022

    UVALDE, Texas – Officials have released body camera footage as the investigation continues into the response to the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas that left 21 dead.

    The hours of footage provides a further look at the chaotic response to the shooting where hundreds of law enforcement officers massed but then waited to confront the gunman even after a child trapped with the shooter called 911.

    The footage was released along with an in-depth investigative report from the Texas House Investigative Committee (HIC). The more than 70-page report provides a detailed look at the timeline of the day of the shooting.

    The gunman fired approximately 142 rounds inside the building — and it is “almost certain” that at least 100 shots came before any officer entered, according to the report, which laid out numerous failures. Among them:

    No one assumed command despite scores of officers being on the scene.

    The commander of a Border Patrol tactical team waited for a bulletproof shield and working master key for a door to the classrooms that may have not even been needed, before entering.

    A Uvalde Police Department officer said he heard about 911 calls that had come from inside the rooms, and that his understanding was the officers on one side of the building knew there were victims trapped inside. Still, no one tried to breach the classroom.

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