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Unseen, Unheard-of: NZ Nurses Bribe 12 Year Old Twins with $100 to get Injected

    Posted by EU Times on Nov 23rd, 2021

    A father has lashed out at health workers who administered the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to his 12-year-old twin boys without his consent, bribing them with $100 gift cards. While the law allows minors over 12 years old to be vaccinated without parental consent, many believe this is highly immoral, especially when the question of money and children is involved.

    Pita Beatty recorded a video confronting health workers after he had discovered that his twin boys had been vaccinated without his permission. The agitated father can be seen yelling in the video.

    “I am now scared for my boys!”

    One of the health workers says “I understand,” as Beatty responds:

    “No, you don’t f**king understand. You do NOT!

    Hundred fucken dollar Pack ‘n’ Save Card to my boys!”

    Despite being obviously very concerned that his children have just been bribed into taking the jab with the offer of a $100 gift card, the health workers show no compassion or understanding as Beatty gets increasingly agitated.

    This is just like the ice cream truck kidnapping meme which is actually real… Come to my truck kid to get a free ice cream so you can get kidnapped.


    The vaccinators be like: come to my bus kid to get a vaccine for $100 so you can later develop myocarditis:


    The vaccination center later released a statement saying:

    “In this instance, the vaccinator had a good discussion with the young people concerned and felt comfortable that they were fully aware of the process and their rights, they then consented to get vaccinated. This met the Ministery’s policy guidelines on informed consent for your people.”

    This kind of boilerplate response is common from government health workers violating the rights of children. After all, they are not the ones who will have to be responsible for any health complications that result from them ‘following orders’.

    Obviously the center agrees with bribing kids, after all from where did the money come? It’s not like the nurses are bribing these kids out of their own pockets. And why would the center pay money to inject kids? Nah the corruption runs deeper.

    They get money from the federal government or maybe even from Pfizer? Even though an injection costs about $25 and it makes no sense to pay 100 to allegedly “sell” (because they didn’t sell) a Pfizer vial which means that this whole operation is not for money, they are willing to loose money. This operation is to just put their poison in you all.

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