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University midwife students taught to care for men giving birth ‘through their penis’

    Edinburgh Napier University has advised students they need to be prepared for both men and women giving birth

    GB News | Jamie Micklethwaite Published friday 29 April 2022 – 08:40

    Last updated friday 29 April 2022 – 08:43

    A British university is teaching its midwifery students how to care for males giving birth.

    Feminism news website Reduxx revealed teaching materials from Edinburgh Napier University which state the person giving birth may still have “external male genitalia” after transitioning.

    The skills workbook on “catherization” informs students the person giving birth may be a male.

    The workbook also adds a trans person who has transition from female to male could give birth through a specially constructed penis.

    Elaine Miller a Fellow of the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy, expressed dismay at the contents of the workbook.

    She told the website: “It is not possible for a male person to get pregnant.

    “A female with a gender difference can become pregnant but will not have male genitalia.”

    An Edinburgh Napier University spokesman said it aims to be inclusive for people in the LGBTQ+ communities and will update teacher materials where required.

    Concerned students sent pictures of the report to the website over concerns about its messaging.

    This comes after a feminist PhD student lost her legal case against a university after claiming she suffered harassment and bullying from trans rights activists.

    Raquel Rosario Sanchez, 32, sued the University of Bristol alleging it failed to protect her from the activists, who targeted her over her involvement with campaign group Woman’s Place UK.

    She brought a claim against the university for damages in contract, negligence and the Equality Act over the way it handled her complaints about being targeted.

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    1 thought on “University midwife students taught to care for men giving birth ‘through their penis’”

    1. Gender transition surgeries are just a way to make sure that trans people can’t and won’t reproduce.
      They take the penis of a man and push it inward and pretend it is a vagina, just because it is inside rather than outside the body. I don’t think they can take a vagina and turn it into a penis or can they? I think they have to use an artificial penis that they must pump up, or they just use their fist, like ordinary lesbians. The penis of a trans comes out where the penis comes out, not where the vagina a of a woman is located next to the anus, it is up front where the penis is but turned inside out to make it a receptacle rather than a appendage that fits into a receptacle. If they pull the vagina out of where it is supposed to be the womb will be displaced with no vagina to support it. And instead of pointing out of the front of the body, it would hang down between the legs next to the anus. And what do they do? do they take the ovaries and make them into balls in borrowed skin from an old ladies turkey neck? Why don’t they just do a penis transplant from an animals of some kind. They are still men or women but they have paid massive amounts of money to greedy doctors to be humored, that they are the opposite sex of what they actually physically are, because their sex organs are all mangled and displaced. I think beyond the greed for doing such procedures, these doctors must also be quite soulless and sadistic. Any doctor who would do that to an obviously mentally disturbed person must worship satan. It is humoring the mentally ill with physical abuse. It should be illegal. But the whole point is to render them sterile and make them suicidal, when they realise they are not the opposite sex they want to be but disfigured and given a very disappointing bait and switch. Poor sad Bruce Jenner. He was living a lie that would never be true. Now he has to buy gigantic shoes and underwear from specialty shops because he is not a woman he is just a unique type of eunuch.

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