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United States Veterans Are Preparing For WAR – GET READY

    SonOfEnos – September 24th, 2021

    This is not a Civil War because contrary to MSM programming, America is not divided and will not be targeting their neighbors. Everyone sees what the New World Order is doing in Australia, and nobody believes that it won’t happen everywhere. The writing is on the wall and the US is not exempt because it has already started.

    Governments the world over have declared war on their own people. It’s time to stand united, and bring an end to this Tyranny. The enemy has too much blood on their hands that they won’t stop because they can’t stop. So it’s up to us to stop them. #GetReady

    Was never about color of skin, it’s the color of blood, America united against New World Order

    Looks like the Luciferians pushed things too far, and picked a fight with the wrong people. Mandating Vets to get the Jab if they want to receive anything from the VA was a stupid thing to do, and it looks like America’s about to pop.

    BLM has even offered an olive branch, asking Patriots to join with them to fight against the Genocide-Jab. A people united is their greatest fear, and it looks like their own tyranny has ensured their greatest fear has come true.

    Vets prepare for war

    For everyone who wears a uniform, don’t get caught on the wrong side of history

    Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

    Time’s up, and now you’ll have to choose

    The New World Order’s Done Mess With The Wrong People

    There are consequences when you piss-off the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

    The Storm Is Upon Us, Are You Ready For The Second American Revolution?

    The weather’s changing, can’t you feel the Storm that’s Coming?

    American Patriot Vet Warns Biden: “YOU F*CKED WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE”

    Mandating the Genocide-Jab before a veteran can receive medical help from the VA is a sure-fire way to make an enemy out of a lot of people with military training.

    Does the senile old coot have an actual death wish?

    The Second American Revolution is About to Begin – Are You Ready?

    For everyone who wears a uniform, don’t get caught on the wrong side of history

    Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

    Time’s up, and now you’ll have to choose

    Veterans Are Mobilizing To Take Back America

    This is a clear warning, that everyone who has sworn the Oath had better stand with We The People.

    Or you’ll be considered the ENEMY and taken down
    You’ve been warned, and now it’s time to choose


    6 thoughts on “United States Veterans Are Preparing For WAR – GET READY”

    1. I’m a disabled American veteran and the VA is refusing to give me medical treatment because I refuse to wear a muzzle. They’ve retaliated by flagging my medical records listing me as a Threat for the staff and doctors and can detain/arrest me if I’m on VA federal property. Fortunately I don’t take pharmaceuticals so they can’t hustle me with their drugs! Fuk-Em!!!

      1. I’m thinking they will take away my disability income very soon! Especially since I will NEVER submit to their BS jabs or their psychotic muzzle wearing agenda!

    2. I’m a nurse getting ready to get fired, refuse the jab. The work environment has become extremely psychologically toxic. The people who take the jab believe the lies. I would be willing to help out our vets, enjoy being a nurse.

      1. God bless you Mary! Stay strong and safe, we veterans need you now more than ever!????????
        They jabbed my whole family and friends, I’m totally alone and freaking scared. I believe they’re coming for me, in a very hostile way. I’m being evicted as I write this. I’m just waiting for the sheriff to knock down my door and toss me out like garbage. My sheriff has the blessing from the courts. It’s because I’m an unJabbed veteran I’m sure.

    3. I am a 64 year old retired and disabled United States Marine Corps Veteran and I have the same fucken problem with the VA , They require you to wear a communist muzzle and take a bull shit PCR test . It is very sad the VA has turned into a communist organization . I will never submit to the commey bastards , NEVER ! The VA can go fuck them selves and when they fuck with the best , they die like the rest . I will be staying at home more and protecting my back woods territory with heavy duty armor and I want them to come to the north woods of Wisconsin and fuck with all of us here because it will be HELL TO PAY FOR THEM ! I am looking forward to the show . To all the disabled veterans try to resort to natural medicines and the old ways for they still are the best ways . Also tear down all 5G towers because they will be using these biological weapons of war against all of us ! Stay on guard and eyes wide open and keep your powder dry . Death Before Dishonor to GOD , America and the Freedom of OUR PEOPLE ! SEMPER FIDELIS ! OOO-RAH ! HEY YAH !

    4. This is the best news! This is what I’ve been wanting!! Our military, retired or not current active, even the ‘white hats’ to step up and arrest the rogue government!! Follow and uphold the constitution…. when a long train of despotism and usurpations …. it is our duty to throw off such government and institute a new one. Now is that time.

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