Stew Peters Network Published September 14, 2022

If someone told you the war in Ukraine is primarily about fighting for gays, fighting for gay rights, and fighting for LGBTQ and Trans rights, you’d probably think they were crazy, right? Unfortunately, that is exactly what this war is about.

Well, we can officially report to you tonight that if the mainstream media– all of whom are loved by Big Tech’s fact checking regime– are to be believed, the war in Ukraine is primarily about fighting for gay rights.

And it’s not just leftist corporate media telegraphing the real cause of the Ukraine war. It’s also the top brass in British and European Intelligence Communities, at places like Mi6, and even NATO– one of the true aggressors against Russia– who tells us the reason THEY’RE advocating for war comes down to gay rights.

EVEN the United States Department of Defense tells us the war is really all about homosexual, gay, trans and sodomite rights. Buckle up! It’s a rough ride.

America First republican, Chief Jarome Bell drops by to talk about Biden’s disastrous foreign policy.

And National File’s Frankie Stockes also joins us to expose RINO republicans who are members of the World Economic Forum.

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