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‘Ukraine is burning through a generation of men’ – MEP Clare Daly

    UKACTION – March 21st, 2023

    1 thought on “‘Ukraine is burning through a generation of men’ – MEP Clare Daly”

    1. The entire war is run by the jews who have already destroyed Israel, now they want to ethnically cleanse the Ukraine of all gentiles, and take it as their new: big Israel, Blackstone and Vangard are part of the NWO and are jewish. They will rebuild Ukraine as Jewkraine and make it their own.
      They need these migrants who have fled Ukraine as well.
      All through history they use one strategy to bring about their wars.
      These wars have always been about depopulation via both sides which they control, killing each other off, often followed by more killing and a pandemic brought about by vaccines given the military men to kill off those still left alive.
      They need to have a way to get people to join the military in droves before each war.
      They do it by creating a depression which is an economy where there are no jobs, masses of people are homeless and unemployed for years usually. These people will jump at the chance for a job in the military, because the Military will be the ONLY Job Available.
      There will be a massive world war next. They will do the same thing.
      They want to kill off these “migrants” by forcing them to continue to receive any benefits from the government and paying back what benefits they have received by joining the military will be spun as a way to give them pride.
      The rest of Americans will soon be out of work, or if not they will become the civilian casualties which are the purpose of all wars: depopulation. REMOVE the able bodies men, and the women and children are more easily slaughtered raped and kidnapped to be tortured and used for adrenochrome.
      They have weapons now that are torture for civilians microwave and laser weapons the devils at the top can’t wait to use. Groups of people with these weapons aimed at them will be cooked from the inside out.
      Billions are being planned to die by weapons in seconds.
      Those who serve Satan, want to outnumber anyone else and the persecution of all other religions will wipe out billions more, once the war is over.
      They will end all the utilities, the food and water and air will be deadly.
      They will all be living underground in the DUMBs they built with the money from the drugs trade run by the CIA, and what they pretended was being spent on the fake space program.
      Every FEMA camp is built over the DUMBs, so they have a supply of victims for their satanic practices.
      This is the thing, just like to be a person deserving of God’s love and protection, one of his own, you can’t just count on one good deed to be that. One good deed will get you through the door, but to stay you must continue to do more and more and better good, and do no evil.
      Same thing with satanists, they must continue to do more and worse and horrific evil to stay in the minions of Satan. They can never do any good ever, or they will get thrown out the door, and are severely punished.
      So you can figure out on your own what is coming.
      If those people were stuck in their own nation, they would not be so easily forced to die in the coming wars.
      The most evil thing about wars is this: those who do participate and kill civilians and their enemy soldiers go to Hell for that sin after death. It is a win-win for Satan.
      More people go to Hell during war, than any other time on earth.
      This is all coming quickly because the devil’s time is coming to an end very soon.
      So the CBDCs will be rolled out before the war to give you false hope.
      Of course the minions who serve Satan will be lied to, just like they lie to us. They think they will be given the entire world as theirs and have robots to serve them, because they are fools, they believe the devil and serve him more. Thinking he has great rewards for them in store.
      The devil is laughing at them.
      This is what they are needed for, before they end up in eternal Hell as their only reward:
      When the utilities and all banking ends because there is no electricity, they hope it will make you more eager to take the mark of the beast-implants when they turn it back on, and promise you all your money back.
      Don’t be fooled. The digital implant/tattoos, will kill you and the deaths will be worse than covid deaths. It will be a mental torture, no one could ever endure once you take the implants.
      That will be like the fireworks ‘grand finale’ to the devil, before his time is over.
      Satan is going for the maximum # of souls possible.
      He too, must be more evil than ever to continue his high status in Hell, under Lucifer.
      In heaven there is no money system, because it is stupid to have one, it will always only be used by those running it, to enslave everyone else.
      In heaven everyone works for themselves and a few short days for the good of all, and all everyone needs is produced and all have all their needs met.
      We all are totally free and equal. There is no violence, it is forbidden and no one can ever impose his will on another. We live by the laws of creation, and are blessed, everything continues to become better and better and so do we: it is called evolution higher.
      Under a banking/money system: you DEVOLVE lower and lower over time as slaves to the devils that own you all, by owning the money/banking system.
      They own the elite, they own and control everything for EVIL only, they must continue to please Lucifer more and more each day. They fool the jews and the chinese into thinking the entire world will be theres to glorify in a new high tech jewtopia, for them.’But the truth is: once they have been used for their purpose, they will all be discarded, and spend eternity in Hell.
      Only a fool would trust the devil.
      After the end of the devil’s time on earth, it must be cleansed by FIRE, for Billions of years.
      You will see it coming in the sky, the destroyer and it will engulf the entire earth.
      The end is coming soon.
      If you want to be saved, stop serving the devil, before he make you take the mark and survive on bread from Heaven and the true water of life. Do it through Mary to Jesus and Him to God almighty.
      That is your only hope for salvation. Save your souls, it is only those who have souls that will be saved.
      The mark of the beast will remove your souls.
      Then it will be HELL for eternity.

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