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UK Transport Police Manhandle, Pepper Spray Train Passenger For Not Wearing Mask

    Anti-mask violence continues

    Kelen McBreen | – September 4, 2020

    British Transport Police were caught on camera physically assaulting and pepper-spraying a man who claimed to have underlying health conditions keeping him from wearing a face mask while on the train.

    “You’re not allowed to touch me,” the passenger tells the officer at the beginning of the video, now seen over 3 million times. “I do not have to wear a mask. It’s against the law to challenge me as well.”

    The masked officer then begins grabbing the man by his arms and clothes and threatens to “spray” him.

    After threatening to pepper spray the man, fellow passengers can be heard shouting, “He’s done nothing wrong!” and “He’s got a medical condition.”

    The two men continue to struggle as the man filming calls the officer a “bully,” and the video cuts out immediately after the transport officer sprayed mace inside the train.

    The incident took place at the Wirral line service at Lime Street Station in Liverpool on Wednesday.

    The Daily Mail reports, “The man is due to appear in court in January 2021, the spokesperson added. The BTP said that while pepper spray was used during the incident, the man was not hit with the liquid.”

    In an Orwellian announcement, British Transport Police bragged on Friday morning about patrolling trains in Worcester to locate and fine passengers without masks.

    “Nearly 100% compliance on most services checked. Covid_19 hasn’t gone away and neither have we,” they said along with the following creepy photo.

    Kelen McBreen

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