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Twitter cont… what is coming with shock the WORLD! Conspiracy NO MORE! PRAY!

    And We Know Published December 19, 2022

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    Becky Isaacs

    Twitter Files Supplemental

    Exclusive – Trump Backs McCarthy for Speaker, Tells Opponents to Stand Down: β€˜I Think He Deserves the Shot’

    Runbeck Whistleblower Says 300,000 Illegal Votes We’re Inserted Into Arizona Tally

    Bill Cooper ” I can assure you that you are losing the war”

    Elon and Jared Kushner watching the World Cup together.

    Dr. Kevin Stillwagon Stuns ‘I Got the Shot, and I’m Fine’ Crowd With 5 Explanations Why They Were Lucky

    Cardiologist Dr. Sanjay Verma Says Myocarditis Cases Starting Soaring in 2021

    Clare Daly MEP: “We must recognise our media – strangled by money, more interested in access to power than holding it to account – is anything but free, a water carrier for political and corporate power, dedicated to enforcing the demands of global capital. Those like Assange are the exception”


    ‘Most Credible Case’ Ever Filed: Tom Renz Breaks Down Everything That Went Wrong With Arizona’s Election

    Kari Savage Lake is a rockstar!

    Trump “darkness” comms – hit’s this December 18th 5-year delta. – FLASH_BREAK_

    Don Jr – conspiracy theorist



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    1 thought on “Twitter cont… what is coming with shock the WORLD! Conspiracy NO MORE! PRAY!”

    1. Are you all really still thinking Trump is the savior and fighter for “Democracy”?

      I used to think so too, then realized we’re being played by both sides. Divided and distracted by both.

      Folks, I’m sorry but we’re being tricked by Trump as well.

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