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Twitter Censors Banned.Video Links, Claiming They Spread “Violent Content”

    Despite universal online ban, Infowars remains a clear and present danger to Big Tech information gatekeepers Sunday, August 16, 2020

    Twitter has begun restricting Banned.Video links, citing them as “dangerous content” to users who try to view them.

    Twitter is now flagging Banned.Video links with a restrictive warning page as the Infowars video hub website traffic has started to explode ahead of the presidential election.

    A screenshot of Twitter’s warning page shows a Banned.Video link being restricted, claiming it’s either a “malicious link” or promoting “violent or misleading content.”

    The following video that Twitter decided to ban shows Alex Jones and the Infowars crew swimming at Barton Creek with other patriots protesting Austin’s arbitrary park closure orders. Does that seem violent or malicious to you?

    Infowars’ effectiveness can be measured by how persistent and frequent Big Tech’s bans against it are, and with only a few months until the presidential election, it’s clear that Twitter views Infowars as a clear and present danger to the mainstream media’s information gatekeeping despite undergoing nearly complete online censorship by social media platforms two years ago.

    Keep in mind, Twitter had no qualms recently censoring the President of the United States sharing a press conference of frontline physicians speaking about coronavirus mitigation, so they won’t hesitate to ramp up their authoritarianism into overdrive as the election approaches.

    Harrison Smith and Tony Arterburn discuss Infowars’ survival in the age of internet censorship and more…

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