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Total Victory: Monash Council Cancels Groomer Event

    XYZ | By David Hiscox – May 5, 2023

    And the kvetching has gone right to the top.

    Let it be known that the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, is an open supporter of pedophilia.

    From the Age:

    Monash Council has cancelled a drag queen story-time event after threats of violence against families, the performer, councillors and staff escalated to include intimidation from neo-Nazis following a tense protest at its offices.

    The south-eastern council’s meeting in Glen Waverley was derailed last week when almost 200 people attended, many protesting against its sold-out drag queen event planned for children and parents at Oakleigh Library on May 19.

    “Derailed”. 200 people derailed the open grooming of children by pedophiles.

    Extra security staff and police officers were on hand after fringe groups, including My Place and Reignite Democracy Australia, rallied supporters to attend. The groups espouse views often associated with alt-right or conspiracy-theory thinking and can be hostile to the LGBTQ community.

    It should be noted that both Reignite Democracy and foreign One Nation Senator Ralph Babet openly opposed anybody taking any kind of action which would be in any way effective, ie in person and en masse.

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    1 thought on “Total Victory: Monash Council Cancels Groomer Event”

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