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Todd Woodbridge has Covid Vaccine Heart Attack: Lectures everybody on health

XYZ | By David Hiscox – October 17, 2022

Another one:

One of Australia’s most successful tennis stars is urging others to talk with their GP after he suffered a heart attack last week.

Todd Woodbridge has made a career out of his fitness but when he started doing some “mild exercise” last Thursday, he started feeling unwell.

“It felt like I had a finger pointing hard into my chest and I thought I could shake that off and breathe it out – but I couldn’t,” Woodbridge told Today.

He said the sensation started to move across his chest and he started to feel a really heavy pressure.

“I started to get the sweats, I felt nauseous. and I went sheet-white.,” he said.

The 51-year-old went upstairs and told his wife and they jumped in the car and went to his local hospital’s emergency department.

We can add him to the list:

  • Rod Marsh, 74, heart attack, died.
  • Shane Warne, 52, heart attack, died.
  • Matthew Lloyd, 44, Bell’s Palsy, lived.
  • Ryan Campbell, 50, heart attack, lived.
  • Hayden Crozier, 28, myocarditis, lived.
  • Ollie Wines, 27, Myocarditis, lived.
  • Peter Matera, 53, heart attack, lived.
  • Jason Januszke, 43, heart attack, died.
  • Justin Crawford, 45, heart attack, died.
  • Todd Woodbridge, 51, heart attack, lived.

A distinct pattern has emerged in 2021 where former sportsmen who are physically active in their mid 40’s to mid 50’s have vaccine related heart attacks. Todd Woodbridge is lucky he lived.

He is almost certainly vaccinated, as he is a tennis commentator, was recently in America to commentate on the US Open, and the American government still requires people who enter its territory to be so-called “fully vaccinated”.

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