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Timeline 1800s

    Inlakech – May 27th, 2023

    1 thought on “Timeline 1800s”

    1. The truth is: the present, anywhere in time, changes the past and the future.
      Not only are those who have sold their souls, for wealth and power, those who killed Jesus Christ, and those who in the future, take the mark of the beast, changed when they did that,
      Their future on earth after that, is GONE. However, their past is changed, with no souls in the bodies they once had. Those bodies in the past, (past lives of that soul) instantly become the property of the demonic Nephilim/fallen angels, who then place demons under their control, in those bodies. They then, in those bodies, change the past and the devil gets more power over the past using it to also make himself more powerful in the future, so the future is changed.
      Right now there is an end to the cleansing of dark souls who become dead souls taken down to Hell for eternity, never knowing God or anything of God, on earth, for eternity.
      Right now Satan has 200 million dead souls still living now on earth, His earthly army, they are all possessed by demons from Hell.
      The Pyramid is the pyramid of dead souls.
      At the top of the eye, the capstone lives the fallen angels who have been here since they got the jews to kill Jesus Christ. Their bodies became their vessels, all the way back in time.
      They made the money system to begin their conquest.
      Don’t forget that time for these beings is not like our time.
      They go from the soulless into their children, they created a Satanic religion as the exact reverse of Christianity that Jesus gave us. It is now called freemasonry.
      The higher they are in freemasonry, the more evil the demons that reside in their bodies and control them once they sell their souls.
      The people who are the wealthiest are at the top: trillionaires, the bankers and the Royals they married into and they now own the bodies of all of them.
      Below them the finance people and wealthy CEOs, the more wealthy the more they are soulless and depraved. The Bankers have the jewish bodies only.
      The jews were their foot in the door.
      Eventually going back to Adam and Eve.
      The jewish women must have children to continue a way for the leadership to have bodies.
      They transfer themselves from one generation to the next.
      Although they can inhabit any soulless body, a soulless body, has only until death, to repent and return to God in within the lifetime they lose their souls, after they die in that life without repenting and returning to God, (the present incarnation), they permanently, belong to Satan, for their past entire existence from the beginning to when they died without repenting/returning.
      Also they will never reincarnate as human again.
      They will leave earth forever and become a demon in Hell forever.
      The billionaires under the Bankers if they are jewish are born and die and never belonged to God anyway, because they killed him. Jews just die and can only go to Hell when they do, no matter what.
      However the saddest thing is the gentiles who had souls and lost them for their want of money and power.
      The saddest thing is the ones who in the future take the mark of the beast.
      Now that Satan has taken a certain number of souls, this game is over.
      However, before he leaves he will use his money system to take as many more souls as he can via the mark of the beast. After that it is game over.
      All those who do take the Mark will belong to Satan and be taken.
      The world will begin again a new world, with only the children of God in it.
      Only those who refused the mark and who never worshiped the religion of Satan: his money system.
      Everything else is just fluff and cosmetic glitter and a bunch of BS.
      The only reality, and truth is that you have all been tested and tried, and the final test will be the last.
      Those who wanted wealth and fame and power, and got it from the devil, for their souls will be cast down to Hell for eternity, and they will never know God the father or his son or the Holy Spirit again.
      He will say “you never knew me”. And from their origin, in the past, that will be true.
      It is only a game for Satan and the demonic entities from Hell.
      It is not a game for God, he is only testing his creation.
      The fallen Angels of Hell are the exact opposite of God, and the rich and famous and powerful all belong to them now.
      They are the most pathetic losers on earth and they know it.
      The ego is no substitute for a SOUL.
      Wake up to reality, only those who give the truth are worthy, to receive the truth.
      They are planning a final war, a total world war, and beginning with Civil wars, as Satan’s final effort to take as many down to Hell as he can.
      They will do what they always do before all wars: make your life impossible, make money and jobs vanish, no resources to sustain life will be available. These problems would never occur if you lived the way you originally did, sharing all as one people, one family.
      All Equal, none having any more or less than any other. Living as Children of God and being supplied with their needs by God Almighty, whose powers are unlimited and infinite, out of mutual LOVE of one another = in ONENESS.
      When life becomes impossible and you are starving Satan will get you to become soldiers in his wars, the gov fighting its people,, mercenaries going to other nations and outright war between nations and civil wars all at the same time not a two sided war but a 6 sided war: Armageddon, with the army of Satan: the 200 million soulless he owns under demonic possession, controlling everything from where they have luxury and and all the needs of life supplied them.
      The poor and destitute are what they will attempt to manipulate into killing one another.
      Into taking the mark of the beast, when they are without anything else.
      The top people will be in the underground DUMBs.
      The ones who flee to the wilderness will be hunted down by drones.
      This is the end. It will be nuclear and in the end, fire will rain down from the sky.
      Just as the earth was once flooded, this time it will all end by fire.
      What you must do is save your souls.
      There is no just way to explain how horrible Hell is.
      You don’t want to know.
      As they are taking souls, the fallen angels are also doing worse: they are KILLING the earth.
      Everything they do to make MONEY and get power and wealth, is also at the same time killing the earth itself. When they tunnel into the earth, for oil, gas, minerals, gold, silver, and making the DUMBs, they are actually killing the earth. They are responsible for poisoning the entire earth: the land, air and water.
      They are ruining the climate by killing the earth.
      Whatever these demonic beings tell you: the truth is the exact opposite of what they say it is.
      They are from Hell, and they will only return there once the sheep and goats have been separated.
      It is coming with the final test for the final judgment: the Mark of the Beast.
      If you accept it, the mark and the contract that comes with it, will kill you in a horrible painful way and also destroy your souls forever. Just look at the faces of the trillionaires and see that truth.

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