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    liabilitymate – September 14th, 2021

    Stop doing what these traitor idiots tell you people. Have you not learnt that
    tyranny always comes to your doorstep in a Uniform. The only reason these idots
    are getting away with this stupidity is because you are stupid enough to believe
    their bullshit. Read your Constitution if you want but the facts are these people
    are breaking the law so you do not even need to read it actually it is very
    obvious that they are breaking the law. God Bless start fighting people when
    these cops start wearing black uniforms you know where that ends up don’t you?

    Portugal: Honourable Judicial Judge Dr. Rui da Fonseca e Castro stands up to the tyranny and police state.
    Maybe one of our own politicians, judges or other bureaucrats will stand up for us instead of just talk, talk, talking. The Portuguese judge, Dr. Rui da Fonseca e Castro, one of the only serious ones in the Portuguese Magistracy, confronts police officers who were preparing to beat people who did not have a mask on public roads. This excellent man is completely against all this paranoia, whether it’s masks, vaccines, lockdowns, or anything else related to plandemic


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