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Thousands of protesters march against ‘mandatory’ vaccination

    Sky News Australia – Feb 20, 2021

    Thousands of protesters have turned out to marches across the country against mandatory vaccination before the COVID-19 vaccine rollout begins on Monday.

    Former reality TV star Pete Evans made an appearance at the Sydney rally where he gave a speech about his political aspirations while there were reports of arrests at the Melbourne event.

    There is no mandatory vaccination mandate currently in effect for any jurisdictions in Australia.

    Sky News Australia

    1 thought on “Thousands of protesters march against ‘mandatory’ vaccination”

    1. my husband and I have work along side the government and the NHS and apparently if you get the Covid vaccine… you can still get it and you can still pass it on!! please DO NOT blindly trust ANYONE without looking into the full detail’s of what you are allowing possibly paid off parties to give you advice to suit their narrative!!! I tell you this as I love my family and friends and truth is only the way forward. love and respect to all

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