Stew Peters Show Published August 27, 2021

Rumble — Canadian Patriot and author of “Just Say No”, Chris Sky, joins Stew Peters to reveal the details behind two suspicious arrests in just two days.

The outspoken freedom fighter has been targeted by the global cabal and their enforcement arm gestapo, and is currently out on six separate bails after two arrests in just 48 hours.

Stew Peters Show

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Jayebird · 28 August 2021 at 10:38 AM

I’m afraid to talk to anyone in my town because they’re totally brainwashed and following the orders from the CDC, and local media and State representatives. These covidiots will turn me in to the police and the police are brainwashed too. I’ve talked to our local sheriff and city police and they’re on board with this cv19 SCAM! ALL OF THEM!!! I’m the only individual not complying with their mandates and muzzle crap!

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