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This is a must-watch short video. This is just the tip of the iceberg

    Free Your Mind – May 14th, 2023

    Taken from Telegram

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    1 thought on “This is a must-watch short video. This is just the tip of the iceberg”

    1. It is not freemasons who are evil, It is freemasonry under control of the jews that is evil.
      The fact is that those who join it find out too late that it is a prison system that does only evil, to them and to the entire world for the benefit ONLY of the JEWS.
      If the jews who run freemasonry, who want to destroy Christianity, were aligned with the muslims, they would not be killing all the muslims who are living in their neighboring nations.
      The jews hate all people except for themselves, the Ashkenazi, who are all 30th cousins.
      All Ashkenazi are 30th cousins because they all come from the the same 13th tribe, the ones who accepted the bargain coming from Satan, the bargain that Jesus refused: “to have Satan give them all the wealth and power in the world if he take Lucifer as his God in place of God His father.
      The jews from that tribe, the 13th tribe, are the collective group, with no nation of earth, with no land of their own, because God would not allow his earth to be given to the followers of Satan.
      They fled to Khazaria, and continued to be Satanists.
      They then converted to Judaism, not under the Tora (old testament), but under their book of satanism: the Talmud.
      They are the present day white jews. The original jews of the Bible, during Jesus Christ’s time on earth, were black.
      The jews hate all religions of God, that any gentiles follow.
      They hate everyone.
      They only accept the rulership of Satan on earth who is under Lucifer who rules Hell.
      Freemasonry and all the secret societies and many christian denominations are all run at the top by freemasons under the JEWS at the top.
      They lie to the freemasons as much as they lie to all of us.
      It is all about substituting a fake god for the real God and in the final end they remove the fake God’s mask and expose it for who it really is: the jews themselves, they want to be your GODS.
      They want to totally imprison and enslave you all and take away your souls, so you have no connection and no ability to ever reconnect with God.
      They want you in a PRISON where you are all their slaves forever.
      That is their end goal with the coming depression that will make the last one look like a picnic in comparison and the Mark of the beast CBDC’s with the bio-implant/tattoos and social credit system.
      FREEMASONRY and all its branches are all systems of slavery ruled over by the jews,.
      Once you join there is no way out but having your entire life ruined forever and many go to prison framed and railroaded and made into hated people.
      Everything you gain from becoming a freemason is carefully crafted to be easily turned against you as a weapon to destroy your life.

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