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‘This Country is a Mess’: Alan Jones

    Sky News Australia – Sep 8, 2020

    Sky News host Alan Jones says he is tired of being sucked in by governments trying manage our health which has resulted in a “ruthless and heartless abuse of power” exercised by ignorant know-all politicians.

    “I hate to put it bluntly as this, but the country is in a mess,” he said.

    “Why are we allowing or expecting government to manage our health”.

    Since August, 5.5 million Melburnians have been locked down in their homes whilst enduring an 8pm curfew.

    “Why are 5.5 million Melburnians living like battery hens; 6.5 million Victorians paying for the stupidity of Daniel Andrews. He should have resigned long ago if he had any decency.”

    “But this is the mess you get into if you want to allow politicians to control your lives.

    “Andrews and a useless, silent and spineless Cabinet have no ability to manage Victoria and Australia out of this mess.”

    Sky News Australia

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