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These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America by Truthstream Media

    EarthNewspaper – December 20th, 2022

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    1 thought on “These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America by Truthstream Media”

    1. All the lies come from Freemasonry and organized jewry that runs it, through their ownership of all media, to run their cons. All secret societies an religions and industries are under the umbrella of the Luciferian Illuminati Bankers. They have worked hard to take over everything formerly good and own it to turn in evil, by infiltration and its destruction from within. Including the Vatican, Jesus’s Churches, and healing methods, so that the good is all cast out and replaced with pure evil from Hell itself.

      What the world really needs is what Hitler and Geobbels tried to do: Stop freemasonry and the organized jewish plot to take over the entire world for Lucifer, as his one world religion, economic survival and his kingdom as the God of the earth and everything that God created.
      Freemasons are all actors. They play the parts and say the words they are told to, in the gigantic con games the devil plays. Never are they authentic or genuine, never are they just themselves.

      When you become a mason, in exchange for your loyalty and your oath to never return to God orJesus Christ, you get “a head” to get ahead of others who are smarter, brighter, more talented and appropriate for high positions. You receive a public image, fame, recognition, a new face. Part of which may include false degrees from colleges and universities, false bios, false ancestry. False credentials whatever they tempt you with, knowing it is something you need or would sell your souls to get in return. They may need to fill any post for the devil. Also through their monopoly and ownership of all info & communications media, entertainment and educational media, (which they bought up for pennies on the dollar, during the great depression of 1929, and engineered the entire crash in order to do so) (to make the Holocaust seem as if it were a real event) they give the mason a new public persona, and tell the world how popular and loved they are by the gentiles, Because the gentiles just believe it and submit, to the jew lies in mass media. If someone is all over the media, it is only because he or she is playing a role needed by the con the illuminati are playing on the public at the moment for their evil and always nefarious purposes. They tried to make the 6 million jews lie big con after WW1, it did not work. It did work after they bought up all the media and they still retain a complete monopoly over..

      The oath they sign is also a contract, it is an oath that they will never again worship Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives, or disobey the commands of freemasonry which gave them their head, or they will forfeit that head: meaning:the /face/public image freemasonry gave them. That is what happens to many freemasons. When they do return to Jesus or, if they choose to leave freemasonry, they will lose whatever “head” the Illuminati/freemasonry gave to them. However much they were made popular, publicly loved, the reverse will happen, they will be equally despised by the public using the same tools used when they received the head, meaning the media and also other way including the Law and the courts, and which freemasonry also owns, via the freemasons who got the positions of power there. Like by being framed for hideous and evil, crimes and proven by their freemasons as witnesses, guilty in court, for crimes they never committed. Some may be their own friends or family, and they will not even know they are also freemasons, because they each play a role given them by freemasonry, in exchange for their ‘dream come true’.

      Sometimes they will end up like Jane Mansfield and actually be decapitated for deciding to leave. Jane Masnfield, Marylyn Monroe and Ava Gabor, were all the “girlfriends of freemason Anton LaVey, of the satanic church author of the Satanic bible. He was just a freemason, Howard Levy (all jes are honorary freemasons who do not need to take an oath, the oath is only for gentiles, because jews already belong to the devil and cannot return to God, they have no souls. Ava Gabor being jewish did not have to take the oath. Marilyn did not have a jewish mother. Only gentiles come to a tragic end for entering freemasonry. LaVey was just an actor who was needed to make satanism more acceptable to bring it to the gentiles as a “good thing”. His 3 girlfriends were used for making trashy sex pot, sluty type women, more popular, glamorous and acceptable than nice Christian women to the gentiles, even worshiped by them, using the freemasonry owned Film Industry, part of the entertainment media, they own and use in all their cons. It is helpful to get better actors, because every freemason is required to be an actor playing the role that their “head” given them in exchange for their souls must play. So they created the “star system” of film and their Music industry. The “artists of the music industry are just actors playing roles.
      The more they produce for Lucifer, as actors to achieve the satanic goals of the devil, in the cons the devil plays on the gentiles is why they NEVER leave.

      When you leave freemasonry or you return to Jesus or God, or to any gentile religion, you must pay the price of the head you were given, in reverse. The more loved, the head given was, then becomes, the more hated due to the loss of that head. The more beautiful, the more ugly. Even the loss of teeth is replaced by false ones, such as Whitney Houston, and Margot Kidder, for an infraction to the stars who are beautiful. Angelina lost her real breasts.

      Mickey Rourke must have gone to a religious service or done something on his own, not under command, playing his scripted role. Why would he of his own free will choose to leave acting as a number 1 leading man for a career as a boxer? Was it an assignment role demanded by the Illuminati and without his foreknowledge, it cost him his handsome face as a punishment? I think so. Did the same thing happen to actor Mark Hamil of Star Wars? His accident that ruined his face happened on the set? Why did he risk doing something that required a stunt man? Both had their careers ruined afterwards, for some time.

      Michael Jackson, had them after him, when he was no longer useful, as a procurer of little boys, for the pedos of the illuminati, due to the lawsuit. The lawsuit may have been his way of relieving himself of that role. At the end, they were making him purchase very expensive antique items, all over Europe on a spending spree that he thought was just a role he was playing purely for promotion, as the freemasons often do (Oprah Whinfrey). And then he had his money drained for the purchases and never even received the items. He suddenly went completely broke, and was killed. Randy Quaid, had all his money drained from his bank accounts, and the press made him look like a deranged lunatic as he tried to go on the run. R. Kelley was made into the devil and lost a monetary amount equal to what he received from freemasonry, for most likely the entire time he spent as a “star” for the freemasons was the length of his jail sentence, and was hated in an equal amount that he was made to be loved by the illuminati. Jussie Smollett, the same a frame up and loss of his head. I don’t think he was a freemason for very long, probably just as long as his fame and money lasted. He is now an entertainment industry and public industry outcast.

      Elizabeth Theranos, also a star billionaire, and then framed and smeared as a criminal and hated, by the public, losing all her wealth. Kevn Trudeau, the same time he spent in prison, matched the time he spent as an illuminati. No one ever becomes a billionaire without freemasonry behind them, to be used in that position, for the purposes of the devil himself.

      It looks to me like Shelly DuVall was S&M style tortured until she lost her mind and everything else. Now look at the head, FACES of Justin Beiber, who outed the satanic pedos of the illuminati and their adrenochrome orgies, MacCaulay Culkin made the same accusations. Bieber suffers a Loss of career since his face is all wonky now. He admitted to going to a religious service in a Hollywood Hotel. Then there is the same odd face problem in Katy Perry. What happened to her face? The Freemasons and Illuminati do not take the covid shots. They just do their acting job and say they have taken the jabs, so that the gentiles will follow their lead.

      Sometimes the deserters of the illuminati choose suicide over losing their heads. Sometimes they fake their suicides. Sometimes they get very bad plastic surgeries for infractions or for leaving. Sometimes, if they refuse to join in the first place, they become obscure nobodies with a lot of very bad luck, care of, the freemasons. Many times they retire and become a recluse, replaced by a doppelganger. Like the original Paul McCartney maybe? As Howard Hughes did.
      Sometimes they never take the bait because they are true Christians, like Mel Gibson. The last 6 Popes have all been freemasons, some seemed like Saints, but they each had a role to play for the devil.

      Of course, no one lasts in public office, or in the congress of the USA, who does not eventually become a freemason. Of course, the only doctors who did take the jab, were those who were not freemasons. All freemason doctors were part of the covid con game and knew better.

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