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There ‘sure is a path to victory’ for Trump in the US election

    Sky News Australia – Nov 2, 2020

    US Commentator and former US military marine Christopher Stear says there “sure is” a pathway for Donald Trump to win the election.

    “The polls are tightening for Biden,” Mr Stear said.

    “Remember this time four years ago, Hilary was miles in front according to the polls. Hillary who? You can say today. The one who will never be president.”

    “They didn’t work for her.

    “I look at things like the attendances at a rally. If Biden get’s 100 at a rally, he’s obviously in the wrong place, because the people weren’t expecting him.

    “If the President gets 25,000 at a rally, and he got crowds like that in the last couple of weeks at just about every rally, then that’s a measure of what’s happening in the community. They turn out for him, they love him in those places.

    “He’s been very good at getting through to them on the issues that matter to people and taking some of the focus away from COVID.”

    Sky News Australia

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