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There Seems ‘No End to the Untruths Being Told’ to Australians: Alan Jones

    Sky News Australia – Sep 8, 2020

    Sky News host Alan Jones says there “seems no end to the untruths that are told” as Australians continue to suffer, lose their jobs or remain just hanging on via the JobKeeper lifeline.

    Mr Jones said Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ “so-called roadmap” now means millions of Melburnians will be forced to remain under stay at home restrictions until at least the end of October.

    Mr Jones said while millions of Australians are out of work, “Andrews and Co (are) getting full pay as close to 30 per cent of the entire private sector workforce is gone, either jobless or underemployed”.

    “And that doesn’t include those, I might add, hanging on via the JobKeeper lifeline.

    “Who is going to stand up to this madness?”

    Sky News Australia

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