The Corporate Propaganda Antidote Published March 17, 2022

Based on US Government’s own official websites: There is NO LAW requiring 99% of Americans to file and pay income tax. Peymon Mottahedeh the founder of Freedom Law School joins me to discuss the concepts behind choosing to no longer voluntarily file income tax returns. NOTE: I am still on the fence regarding whether or not to stop filing tax returns. Please leave your thoughts and/or knowledge below.

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Jen · 20 March 2022 at 6:26 AM

Thank you for sending this information to me on my email about not having to pay taxes. Ever since having to work most of my life I have paid taxes and for what? So the IRS can give to the Govt., so they can give it to other countries and watch the rest of this country suffer. NO MORE. I will not pay the IRS a damn dime of my sweat, blood and tears. Make the IRS make the District of Columbia and the illegals who want to come here with/out green cards pay the United States born citizens taxas. Now the IRS owes back all the citizens of the United States all the monies paid in the past and their descendants back to them.

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