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There is a ‘blackout’ on anything except the ‘coronation of Joe Biden’

    Sky News Australia – Nov 20, 2020

    Sky News host Paul Murray says there is a “blackout” by the media on anything except the “coronation of Joe Biden”.
    “Why do people refuse to believe the result that they have been told has been given?” Mr Murray said.

    “In part because there’s process, and just because a television station says this state’s been won or that state’s been won, it’s not actually the process.

    “The process is that eventually a series of people sign off on the vote and they then decide in the state parliaments who gets to go and represent that state at the electoral college.

    “This is an area where those who believe there’s something crook about this election believe that things can either be overturned or put right.”

    Sky News Australia

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