Anonymous – November 11th, 2021

“What we have to do now is make the public aware that what we’re looking at is not an historical event but a racket.”

  • Ernst Zundel


jbsee · 2 June 2022 at 9:07 AM

If Hitler had won this would not be happening.
The jews are behind the great reset and could not have accomplished the total take over of the earth, If you had known, Hitler was Jesus. He came to save us.
Eisenhower, the jew sold us out to the devil.
What the great reset really is:
The great reset is just for them and not for you.
They need to repeal the second amendment.
They have been engineering a food shortage for some time.

The 4 pandemics will come 2 by 2.
One will be from the covid vax, the other biowarfare.

Then the same again, 2 more diseases,
one from the monkeypox vax and one biowarfare.

They need back to back pandemics that do not stop for a global lockdown.

They need food riots and civil unrest for martial law.

The end goal is this: they want your children.

This is the great reset:

They will keep the children for blood and flesh, which is what they eat.
They eat it from a LIVING body.

They have a treaty. The elite are aliens with a treaty from 1954, to kidnap humans and animals for food.The treaty is well known here is the link:

The core out the anus of the cattle (cat-mutes/cattle-mutilations) and people they abduct,so they can’t defecate in fear, while they are still alive, they drain the blood, drink it. Some parts of the bodies they eat, but only while the person or animal is still alive, and only if the animal or person has a soul. So clones can’t be used.

They want children to be raised as cattle, to eat them while they are young to keep them in cages. To farm them.

If you have food, you would escape lock-down to get it.
If you have guns you would fend off or shoot the soldiers who come for the children.

If you have guns they can’t use use as test subjects and experiment on ways to use science and technology, to turn you into docile obedient robot slaves who do not know God, and therefore wrong from right, or that you have rights.

The great reset is the earth belonging to the reptilians, aliens from Maldak.

They lost their own planet and blew it up. They are destroyers.
Some were already here, some escaped her. They are technologically advanced. They made the gray, from humans in Atlantis, when they first arrived here. They did exactly what they are doing to you now.

The Gray are dying out. They don’t reproduce. They are slaves of the reptilians.They want to replace them with new trans-human slaves.

That is the great reset.

The elite reptilians want the earth and to own all of you.

The young to eat drink their blood and a small number to be robot slaves.

Do not give up your guns and when the children’s plague is announced, do not allow the soldiers to take them to “quarantine”.

Do not allow the soldiers to inject digital ID chips or poisonous potions into your bodies or any AI nano-chips into your brains.

Many live in the DUMBS, which were built for them, before the treaty, they lived underground in the tunnels. They have physical bodies. They also use slaves in the DUMBS, the grey and use them to procure food for them, on earth, they do the abductions. At the end of Atlantis, the reptilians and their yeti, went into the tunnels, when Atlantis was destroyed. The jews gave them all they power they have now. They are mostly reptilian themselves, going back to one woman, the reptilians created with their DNA, EVE. All Ashkenazi DNA can be traced back to one woman and she is EVIL, eve.

Many reptilians come from the spirit dimension that is all that is left of Maldak.

They will all come through with CERN, as a stargate to that dimension.

They already exist as hosts in human bodies. They can only possess bodies without souls.

That is why they have freemasonry. At the top level the 33 degree, you must sell your souls in a contract written in your blood. The then “soulless body” is the property of the devil and any fallen angel can use it as a vessel. They are spirit and they never die, therefore, they can use clones, if the bodies wear out. They can use clones anytime they want to because clones have no souls. They want the bodies of 33 degree masons because they are the ones they make into billionaires, and they use freemasonry to make billionaires in order to get the money back eventually, when they reach the 33 degree. It is similar to usury. The top trillionaire bankers are all reptilians existing in human bodies. They are the original source of the vampire mythology. They are sadists, psychopaths, and demonic entities from Hell/Mardak. They made Hell, God did not. God cast them out meaning, they can no longer reincarnate in bodies with souls, so they always return to Hell no matter what.

This end time is when they all will return. Only those with souls will be protected and saved from what is coming. Anyone who colluded with the evil one and served Satan such as all freemasons will go with the devil to Hell, unless they repent and return to God, when this age comes to an end in 2023.

Hold out and save your guns, save food and save the children.
All jews have no souls, they are psychopaths, they are sadists.
If a you have a jew mother, you are a jew.
They are the synagogue of satan.

skr · 3 June 2022 at 4:16 AM

Really well-thought out post. Are the reptilians associated with Agartha?

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