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The White House is ‘Under Siege’ ahead of the Election

    Sky News Australia – Nov 2, 2020

    Sky News host Chris Kenny says the White House is now “under siege” from protesters, anarchists and the hard left.

    Mr Kenny said it is “very sad” to see the White House in Washington D.C and many businesses being boarded up as the upcoming presidential election nears.

    Mr Kenny said as long as US President Donald Trump is in the White House, “the White House is on unfriendly ground”.

    “It’s not wanted in this woke, democratic city of Washington D.C”.

    “The left, the anarchists, are laying siege to it and it’s a deep, deep worry.

    “And all those boards are going up primarily, not because they fear the celebrations of a Biden victory, it is because they fear violence in response to a Biden defeat.”

    Sky News Australia

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