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The Vaccine Trials – Short Documentary Film 2021 – DELETED BY YOUTUBE

    debess – March 3rd, 2021.

    The Mirror Project, March 2, 2021
    This mRNA operating system is not technically licensed as the clinical trials will not be completed until 2023, yet the vaccine promotion campaign is rampant everywhere.
    The government, corporations, and celebrities are on an orchestrated campaign to sell us the vaccine, but on what basis are they promoting it?

    In this film we will look at how Covid-19 vaccine managed to make it into people’s veins in such a record time, how trials work, and should we just take the vaccine manufacturers word of its safety and efficacy.

    This film was deleted by YouTube and is not available unless one e-mails The Mirror Project @ [email protected]
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    Special Thanks to Date Dumper who managed to obtain this film.

    I reprocessed this film for higher quality after mirroring.


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