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The Unvaccinated Amish Rarely Get Cancer, Autism or Heart Disease… Coincidence?

    The Amish are a group of traditional Christian people with Swiss origins.  They rarely receive vaccines, and they rarely come down with diseases like cancer, autism or heart disease.  Coincidence?  Let’s dig deeper and find out.

    All parents want best for their children, and I think we can all agree that we should be raising the absolute healthiest and brightest children we possibly can.  Afterall, children are our future, so we owe it to them and to humanity to take an honest, logical look at this issue.


    Getting Real About Vaccines

    For me there are a number of things I see happening with the vaccine industry that make me skeptical of their products, intentions and competency when it comes to human health.

    Here are a few red flags for me when it comes to vaccines:

    • Flu shots contain multiple neurotoxins at very high concentrations.
    • Influenza Virus Vaccine contains 25,000x higher levels of mercury than what the EPA says is safe in drinking water.
    • Flu shots are not backed by any safety trials or efficacy data.
    • Patients are not given the potential risks associated with vaccines
    • Pharmaceutical companies pushing vaccines have absolute legal immunity against anybody claming their products caused damage.  Yikes!

    By this logic, adding snake venom to vaccines would make them even healthier.  Sorry but I don’t buy it!

    The fact that we’re injecting neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemicals into the youngest and most vulnerable among us – our children – dozens of times before they reach the age of 6 is particularly concerning.  Medical frauds are not uncommon – is it far fetched at all to suggest we’re witnessing another one take place?

    If the government and vaccine industries truly cared about our health, wouldn’t vaccines contain things like vitamins, ocean mineral blends, flavonoids and other plant extracts that have been proven to boost immunity rather than infected animal tissue and harsh poisons like mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum?

    The Rising Epidemic of Autism

    Sharp increases in the number of vaccines given to children over the past two decades have occurred in direct proportion to increased cases of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Every jab contributes to increased accumulation of poisons in the brain of children, causing widespread brain and bodily damage that is often labelled and officially diagnosed as autism.

    Vaccines Synergize with Glyphosate Sprays on Food

    Amish Don't eat GMO - Farmer spraying roundup herbicide

    Farmer spraying roundup herbicide on GMO crops.

    Another thing to be aware of is the synergistic negative effects these chemicals have when combined with genetically modified foods containing the active ingredient roundup.

    Studies have shown that glyphosate inhibits every single one of the 50 cytochrome P450 enzymes responsible for detoxification in the human body.

    For people eating the standard American diet, it’s almost impossible to avoid eating these poisons sprayed on GMO food.  When a person receives vaccines, then consumes glyphosate-containing herbicide sprays, the excretion of the chemicals from both the vaccines and from food will be inhibited, maximizing and extending the duration of their harmful effects.

    The Amish Opt Out of Vaccines and Rarely Develop Autism

    unvaccinated amish family

    The Amish are unvaccinated and chronic degenerative diseases seen in vaccinated populations are almost non-existent.

    When you compare Autism rates among the Amish community to the US national average, you can expect to find about 200 children with Autism.  Yet if you take a trip to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, you wouldn’t even find yourself 6 Amish children with autism.

    Why not?  Because to date, there are only 3 diagnosed cases of autism among the Amish, and one of those cases is in a child who was adopted from China.  Another Amish child diagnosed with autism was diagnosed after being vaccinated.

    Let’s take a look at some of the worldwide and US national statistics regarding Autism to learn more about this recent phenomenon:

    • Autism affects over 20 million people worldwide
    • Autism occurs in boys four to five times more often than in girls
    • One of every 68 children has some form of ASD in the US
    • US Autism rates have increased 38% since 2012.
    • Researchers like Dr. Stephanie Senoff of MIT have predicted rates of autism will be 1 in 2 in the US by 2025.

    This spike in the number of cases of autism over the past two decades in the US coincide directly with the vaccine schedule increase, by quantity and frequency, that is being enforced by the CDC.

    Today, US children receive an alarming 50 innoculations before age 7, many of them containing various combinations of diseases, mercury, formaldehyde, known neurotoxins like monosodium glutamate and aluminum.

    Flu shots contain the highest levels of mercury of all jabs – up to 25,000 times greater than what the EPA allows in drinking water or in fish sold as food.  Are you aware that the CDC’s own statistics have shown that children who receive mercury-containing vaccinations (in the form of thimerosal) are 27 times more likely to develop autism than those who don’t get jabs?

    Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that coroners soak dead people in to ensure their body’s don’t decay.  Do you really want to inject this into yourself or your child?

    You may be confused why your family doctor would recommend vaccines and claim they are safe and effective despite all of this – unfortunately, doctor’s are human too and they only know what they’ve been taught.  Always do your own research, think for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

    For Religious Reasons, the Amish opt out of all vaccines

    Unvaccinated Amish Man

    The Amish are lucky because opting out of all vaccines means they’ve avoided three highly-controversial vaccines involved in the biggest medical cover-up in history – hepatitis B, HPV and the MMR.

    Here’s the cole’s notes version for the Hep B vaccine cover-up: The CDC claimed that thimerosal (50% mercury) was removed from the multi-dose version of the hepatitis B vaccine, but they lied.

    The vulnerable central nervous systems of the young Amish are spared the onslaught of this volatile toxin thanks to their parent’s unwillingness to believe unquestioningly what they’re told by authorities.  As a result, Amish children rarely experience learning disabilities, as well as common US diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

    Of course, there are a number of factors, like eating cleaner food that’s not soaked in toxic herbicides containing glyphosate and others and generally they tend to avoid pharmaceutical drugs.  Why won’t the government fund a study comparing Amish health with non-Amish health?

    Despite the reality we see around us, and the many red flags when it comes to vaccine safety and efficacy, the CDC refuses to regulate the vaccine industry.  As a result, the health of our children and our neighbor’s children are put in the hands of the immoral few in the upper class of society.


    Our best strategy to find the truth about vaccines is to compare the health of groups of people who have received vaccines with groups of people who have not.  The Amish are a shining example of health and they are almost exclusively unvaccinated.  Therefore, it’s plain to see that vaccines are not only not helping people, but based on the long list of severe side effects, including brain damage, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), paralysis, and death, that the existing vaccines being pushed hard by the government and corporations profiting from them are, overall, doing far more harm than good.

    Considering some of the most potent anti-carcinogens, contained within common foods like oranges or coconuts, are readily absorbed and available through dietary means, even if we were to formulate the absolute best nutrient-based vaccines, vaccines probably still wouldn’t be needed.

    If you truly want immunity, eating clean foods raised with maximum nutrition in mind is a good starting point.  Even better, make it your goal to make your escape from the destructive, toxic city life and begin growing as much of your own food as possible for yourself and your family.

    unvaccinated amish family riding horse-drawn carriage

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