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    FallCabal – July 16th, 2022

    The true story of Joost Knevel

    By Cyntha Koeter
    Voice: Janet Ossebaard
    Music: Enrique Nevada, Scott Buckley, Whitesand

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    4 thoughts on “THE UNTHINKABLE – YET, A TRUE STORY”

    1. It is called freemasonry. It is satanism. They have taken all the high positions in society, the most evil and demonic at the top of the pyramid.

    2. Freemasonry is from the AshkeNAZI, who are the minions of the fallen angels of Hell and share their reptilian DNA. Both of the later are not human but aliens, yet how do they own this earth? Freemasonry.

    3. This is what happened when you did not recognize Hitler was Jesus, and protecting you from the devil. Instead you all believed the lies of the Ashkenazim, who are satanists. The enemies of God, the antichrist. None of this would have happened had you stayed on the side of Christ and rejected the lies of the Antichrist, Ashkenazim who were created by the fallen angels of Hell, who fell and devolved into reptilians in Hell. They was the biggest mistake, if you had kept the devils minions out of society, your world would not be the rotten world hijacked by the enemies of God, Lucifer and his dark demonic former angels who now rule this world, as the NWO bringing Hell to earth as the great reset. You championed the devils and hate Hitler who was your savior come again to save you from these devils. When you gave the devil the holy land where Jesus was born, your fates were sealed, and the final end is this punishment you are now suffering. The ashkenazi, were created by the fallen angels, with their own DNA, that is why they worship them as their Gods and imitate them. Torturing little children. Until you all release the truth I have just told you, you will be their victims and slaves and devolve with them, for eternity in Hell, at the end of this test. God was testing you and you chose the devil, and gave him the power to destroy you instead of following Hitler’s example and be kind to animals, and one another, and lock up the devils and Cast out, those who have no souls and are not even human, but something totally dark and evil and demonic, and not of God but his enemies the fallen demons of Hell. You all brought this age of darkness upon yourselves. It will only get worse, much worse until you see the truth.

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