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    Stew Peters Show Published November 15, 2021

    Rumble — The Stew Peters Show: November 15, 2021

    Fox News is frightened of the Groypers, as they’re frightened of any conservative or America-First movement that isn’t neutered and under their firm control. Shekinah Hollingsworth was in a group of Groypers protesting vaccine mandates in New York City this weekend and travelled all the way from Maryland to for freedom against tyranny.

    Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial has been going for two weeks, and It’s obvious to everyone watching that this entire case is a travesty. Sadly, in today’s America, a competent jury isn’t something you can take for granted. We already learned that earlier this year in the Derek Chauvin trial. Chauvin was turned into a scapegoat, and destroyed by a country that has decided to blame police for crime, instead of the criminals who commit it. His attorney Bill Mohrman joins Stew to discuss his appeal and what it means for the future of justice in America.

    Air Force Civilian nurse blows the whistle on a active shooter training exercise with an anti-vaxx soldier who opens fire on the hospital. Edward Szall reports.

    On Friday November 5th at 8:45 AM 1st and 3rd grade teachers did a routine Covid check on all kids in classes in Washington state’s Valley School District. If a child had cold symptoms they were sent to the nurses, and then escorted to a small hallway with automatic locking doors, and then were left there for hours, without access to a bathroom.

    Fifth Circuit Court halts the Biden/OSHA vaccine mandate for all companies over 100 employees! Stew sits down with Dr. Jane Ruby to discuss this amazing win for freedom.

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