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The sign said walk in’s were welcome. The problem is he could not walk out. Dead after 4th jab?

Jim Crenshaw – October 10th, 2022

Come to think of it, he was lucky to be able to walk after the first 3 jabs. The first 3 jabs did not work. However this one did. They are going to have to shorten that 15 min wait down to about 1min. They need to make it something like this:

Jab 1: 15 min. wait
Jab 2: 10 min. wait
Jab 3: 5 min. wait
Jab 4: 1 min wait
Jab 5 to 500: Get the hell out of here now.

Notice the masktard asshole blocking his ability to video. “Security” he is? He does not have any right to do anything to you. I would have had a physical altercation with him no doubt. Cough on his ass he will move. He is part of a mass murder if he is working a kill shot center at a mall. Record his crimes against humanity. Don’t back down from these worms with some imagined authority. They have none unless you give it to them.

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