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THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL – Part 24: Covid-19: Mandatory Vaccinations? Time for Action!

    FallCabal – July 31st, 2022


    What can you do to beat the 1%? Enjoy this proactive episode in which we show you the true effect of mass demonstrations, signed petitions, and setting up groups of warriors who are not afraid to write or call those who do not serve the best interest of the 99%. The outcome of the above mentioned methods of action may surprise you! Furthermore, we show you why Ivermectine and HCQ had to be made illegal. That was the only way to push the mandatory vaccination narrative into effect. How? Why? What’s the connection with the Nuremberg Code and Article 32 of the 4th Geneva Convention? Why is this of vital importance to know? Watch this episode several times, so you know what to say when confronted with mandatory hospitalization, lethal hospital procedures and/or mandatory vaccinations!

    Music: Alexander Nakarada, Scott Buckley, MaxkoMusic, Keys of Moon, Savfk
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