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The Sequel to Fall of the Cabal (Parts 1 – 20)

    unshackledminds – May 21, 2022

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    It is recommended to watch the original 10 Part series Fall of the Cabal first.

    Full Exposure of the Cabal: Who are they? Where do they come from? Do they really rule the world? And what do they have in stall for us?

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    0:00:00 Part 1,   The Birth of the Cabal

    0:28:51 Part 2,   The Ideology of War

    0:49:09 Part 3,   World Wide Wrath

    1:17:46 Part 4,   The Protocols of Zion

    1:48:02 Part 5,   The Cabal’s Evil Engine: the UN

    2:16:42 Part 6,   Population Control at its Worst

    2:49:59 Part 7,   Philanthropy or Money Laundering?

    3:24:10 Part 8,   The Gates Foundation – Vaccination Scandals

    3:52:53 Part 9,   The Gates Foundation -Genetic Modification of Life

    4:21:39 Part 10, The Gates Foundation – Selling Children on the Internet

    4:49:19 Part 11, The Gates Foundation – Exploit and Destruct

    5:16:57 Part 12, The Gates Foundation – Fake Meat and Extinction Technology

    5:43:12 Part 13, The Gates Foundation – Getting Richer and Richer and Richer…

    6:09:55 Part 14, Depopulation – The First 4 of 10 Extinction Tools

    6:44:11 Part 15, Depopulation -Extinction Tools Numbers 5-7

    7:11:49 Part 16, Depopulation – Extinction Tools Numbers 8-9

    7:38:40 Part 17, Depopulation – Extinction Tool Number 10, Vaccination

    8:05:48 Part 18, Covid-19: The Greatest Lie Ever Told

    9:38:45 Part 19, Covid-19: The Midazolam Murders

    9:04:55 Part 20, Covid-19

    Part 21, Covid-19: The Untold Truth about Nose Swabs

    Part 22, Covid-19

    Part 23: Covid-19: Part 6 of multiple episodes about the biggest medical scam of all times.

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