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The Pending ‘Great Reset’ of 2021: Why the Bilderberg’s Replaced Donald Trump With Yes Man Joe Biden

    Global Agenda – 6th November, 2020

    I started working on this video looking at the topic of the ‘Great Reset’ on the eve of the US Election. I did not see Sleepy Joe Biden beating Donald Trump at all in this election.

    I was fascinated by the thousands of Americans who were showing up to his rally’s. He was filling up all his venues. Meanwhile Biden could hardly fill up a parking lot with supporters including when he had Lady Gaga show up on the eve of the election to perform.

    There was hardly anyone in the parking lot. So as I was reading American Archbishop Vigano’s ‘Open Letter’ to Donald Trump about his strong feelings regarding the ‘Great Reset’ I stopped making my video to watch the ‘rigged’ election play out. Today (November 6th) I finished recording this video and I now see why the New world Order has placed Joe Biden in the White House ‘Oval office’.

    They needed a Satanic Shill to implement the North American version of the ‘Great Reset’. Here in Canada we have out own Bilderberg Shill in Justin Trudeau ready to implement the Illuminati’s ‘People Control’ plan.

    Trudeau has tendered out for contractors to build our COVID 21 Internment Camps across Canada. Donald Trump is just another ‘actor’ turned President. His heart is not into implementing the ugliness that will go along with ‘controlling’ the American minions, so the New world Order have fixed this latest sham of an election and a very weak, frail and mentality unstable Joe Biden (with Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell hanging over his head) will be the Commander in Chief as America’s imposes the ‘Great Reset’ on their split and fractured country.

    Global Agenda

    3 thoughts on “The Pending ‘Great Reset’ of 2021: Why the Bilderberg’s Replaced Donald Trump With Yes Man Joe Biden”

    1. “never let a crisis go to waste”: COVID is bogus excuse for the camps — will be repurposed once built. “Great reset” = “new world order” mentioned by Clinton, Bush, Biden, Hitler

    2. I believe Trump is very much interested in undoing the plans of the 38 top level globalists and the Bilderbergs at least so far as America is concerned. His first win in 2016 was a miracle and he struggled against tremendous odds to keep us free. The second time the moneymen put into place Biden in order to fulfill their nefarious plans for open borders, collapse of the economy, collection of guns, import of unvetted thousands at our borders or from Afghanistan, and vaccine mandates that people rightly do not trust.

      But there is a ray of hope. You should begin to look into the efforts of French billionaire Phillipe Argulier, who may be our salvation. The word about him is just getting out. He is working with Maria Zack of Nations in Action, knows the election was stolen, and you can meet him on the Stew Peters show.

      This is a must see — big news and only viewers like you can get it out.

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