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The NUMBERS don’t lie. [email protected] [email protected] The ENEMY is desperate! PRAY!

And We Know Published August 20, 2022

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‘They Don’t Care’: Never Forget Had the Media Had the Dirt on Epstein and COVERED FOR HIM

I’ve been warning about the CCP shills Leana Wen and Eric Ding since the beginning of the plandemic.

UB40 Singer Matt Hoy Reflects on Being Kicked Out of the Band for Refusing the COVID Jab

Vaccine Myocarditis Update; Review of  Thai Study & VAERS

Florida Sends a Clear Signal to Election Criminals and Arrests 20 Perpetrators for Fraud

More Votes Than VOTERS in Pennsylvania: “You Don’t Certify Until This Is Investigated and Certified”

“How Does That Happen?” – Absurd Voter Irregularities in Arizona

Live From The Mike Lindell Moment Of Truth Summit

Straight talking from Senator Alex Antic:



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