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The New York Times: The Video They Didn’t Want You to See

Fascist-Freddy – December 16th, 2022

1 thought on “The New York Times: The Video They Didn’t Want You to See”

  1. Such a coincidence: Israel performs a record number of organ transplants in 2022.
    What mafia has an almost monopoly on organs? Anyway, the Jews have in their hands all the profitable profits – drugs, porn, fuel, human trafficking, etc…
    It is funny how the jews want Hate speech laws in all other nations except Israel.
    It is funny how there are no hate speech laws in Israel.
    They make Hate speech all the time against Palestinians all Arabs, Christians and Muslims and they love hate speech against Jesus even on their TV shows, and mock crucifixions.
    There are places you can go and pay to shoot targets of Muslims as practice.
    Their Talmud is a book written about the rules regarding the Hatred of all gentiles and Jesus and Mary.
    Also every Israeli has guns and male and female both train in using guns by being compulsory IDF soldiers for a few years.
    However, they have worked very hard at eliminating the right to own guns in America. Canada. Europe, Australia, and the world.
    There is something very gefilte fishy about that.
    It is as if they think only Israelis, have the right to bear arms and kill any gentiles they choose.
    Only Israelis have the right to speak hate speech and hate all other races and religions of the gentiles.
    There is a sinister agenda there and everyone should be worried.
    Why do they have two opposite sets of rules? One for jews and one for Gentiles?
    What evil power do they intend to gain from such unfair advantage.
    The real laws they are creating are to make speaking the truth, and free speech illegal and punishable, if against a jew by death.
    As the Bolsheviks did in Russia.
    They want all gentiles to have no protection or weapons to defend themselves.
    They are made in the image and likeness of their God: Lucifer, the maker of HELL, and like him they want to replace Our God, the only God the maker of Heaven and earth.

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