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    SGT Report – January 28th, 2021.

    As high strangeness continues in our nation’s capitol, researcher and radio host Brent Johnson returns to SGT Report to deliver what he believes to be the absolute 100% truth: The US Military is in charge and the house cleaning has begun.

    Brent’s site:

    SGT Report

    7 thoughts on “THE MILITARY IS IN CHARGE JOE”

    1. If this is such a secretive mission then why are YOU telling everyone? Everyone knows how many have been saying , I heard this from this General, or that military higher up or I hung with a general at the White House while I was on a tour of it. All of you claim to be in contact with high military personal who know what is going on. You speculate about EVERYTHING including turning the White House into a prison!!! Where are the pictures to back up your ramblings? Do you understand how many citizens have been let down and seeking out some crumb of truth ??? Do you know how many of us have been let down by what you and others are running your mouth about? Lin Wood is a prime example. The citizens are starving to know what is going on with our country and you claim to have all the answers. No one has photos of AF1 or 2 with Trump in it , No one has pics of ANY of these so called FACTS. Everyone has a camera so where are the photos?>?>?>?>? Are folks still working on the pipeline??? NO they are not!! You all have gone slap ass berserk!! Please stop it UNLESS YOU HAVE PROOF!!!!!!!! Do the citizens a favor!!! Now you are babbling about a freaking MOVIE!!!

    2. So this justice and cleaning consists in executing random people without a trial? Amazing.
      I’ve heard about the Pope being executed several times already…he must be a cat…

      1. Don’t get sucked up in all the BS from what are supposed to be fellow conservatives. They gave so many false hope as we were desperate to find some truth on this planet but I have now placed them all in the same garbage can!

    3. We will have to wait and see. If all this proves false then these people also committed treason. At that point there is no other option than full out spiritual,informationally and physically all out civil war. When two sides are separated by such deep divides. Good vs Evil, there is no saying it’s ok. Our so called leaders are corrupt,traitors, and want nothing more than to rid half the Country. If you do not align yourself with them, they will come after you. It starts with free speech, wear a mask, loose your livelihood or else. I for one will not ever surrender

    4. I guess the illegals are a figment, the people working on the pipeline who lost their jobs are a figment? biden continues to destroy our country, the white house is dark but biden and company seem to be there. the house and senate are passing bills, are not valid? hillary was arrested, pope arrested but they are out there. is anyone speaking the truth?

    5. Why am I seeing this yet again in my email?? I got rid of your BS and lies once before. Quit sending this to people. NO ONE is doing ANYTHING!!!!!! You sick moron still trying to give people hope?? OMG! You sicken me to the core!!

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