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The Liberal Media Circus Wants To Enslave You

    Bowne Report – Oct 30, 2021

    The liberal media wants your children. They want your submission. And they want to lie in your face while hiding behind their insulated idiotic egotistical smugness. Why? Because they are convinced that they are better than you. You the average American.

    The liberal industrial complex has become an occupying force. Pushing division, Marxism, Communism, violence, injustice, and murder.

    And as 2022 enters the horizon. The real fight to fix the elections becomes clearer everyday.

    Democrats, your party has been hijacked by progressive Marxists doing the bidding of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the future horrors of the Great Reset. Is that how you want to be represented as an American citizen? Will your conscience survive the demoralization?

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