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The Jewish Planned Annihilation of the Gentile Races

    12 years not a slave – January 13th, 2023

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    1 thought on “The Jewish Planned Annihilation of the Gentile Races”

    1. The ashkenazi, 13th tribe, the LOST from God forever tribe, are today’s jews.
      The other Judeans became Christians and are now gentiles.
      The asknenazi, were the tribe of Ashkenaz, Noah, his son Jepeth his son Gomer and his son Ashkenaz, is where they trace back from.
      They accepted the power and wealth promised by Satan,
      after Jesus in the wilderness refused the same bargain from Satan.
      They called for the Barabbas to be freed, and Jesus crucified.
      They cried out to Pilate: “Let his blood be on our hands and our children’s forever”.
      And so it is.
      They lost their souls sold them to Satan for money and power.
      They killed Jesus for Satan, they did the will of satan then and they still do.
      They work for their God’s the fallen angels of Hell, all led by Lucifer.
      They seek to be God’s over the earth,
      just as the fallen angels sought to be the God’s over the angels of Heaven.
      They want to take at least 1/3rd of the gentiles down to Hell,
      to make them worship Lucifer.
      They have succeeded.
      They have corrupted the entire world with immorality, and sin.
      The jews of each generation only live one life,
      then they die and go directly to eternal Hell.
      Everything they believe in as their religion is a pathway to eternal Hell below.
      They break every one of God’s commandments in their satanic religion.
      Jews are born with controller Demons.
      Gentiles are born with souls, and guardian Angels who lead then to Heaven above.
      Gentiles can get to heaven,
      and become angelic beings there,
      if they do God’s will. and obey his commandments.
      Unless they allow themselves to be corrupted by the jews.
      The jews promote everything that corrupts souls and that will put people in Hell, as a “good thing”
      Homosexuality, abortion, sexual excess and perversion, atheism, hedonism, immorality, they seek to make Gentiles to be their slaves, so that gentiles will see them as GODS.
      Just like their God, Lucifer wanted to take the place of God among the Angels of Heaven and succeeded in taking 1/3rd of the angels down to Hell with him,
      So the jews want people to think they are God, they want to replace our love for God with worship of the jews. If gentiles do that, they will also end up in eternal Hell with the jews.
      If you accept the jews as God, you will be lost from God forever.
      They are demonic adopted children of the fallen angels of Hell.
      Their Holocaust lies were a plan to play Martyrs and make Hitler look like Satan,
      to replace Jesus who died on the cross with the jews who died in the holocaust.
      Hitler tried to fight the jews, from lowering everyone’s standards down to the low satanic level of the jews, they are corrupt and psychopathic sadists.
      He tried to return Germany to morality and Christian Values, the opposite of what the jews do.
      They want you all to be satanists like they are.
      If you accept the jews as “good people” when they are evil,
      then you accept Lucifer, Satan and all the fallen angels of Hell as a good ‘Gods’.
      If you reject the jews you reject Lucifer.
      You cannot love God and be on his path for you to get to heaven,
      if you allow the jews to take you down to Hell.
      That is all the jews work to do, as one united satanic religion.
      They are here to bring every gentile down to Hell with them.
      They are the minions of the devils in Hell.
      They can never have souls or be saved.
      There is NOTHING of God in any jew.
      They are all going down to Hell when they die.
      The Talmud is satanic.
      The jews belong to Satan and Lucifer and all the fallen angels and all jews become demons in Hell for eternity when they die.
      If the mother of any child is a gentile, they are a gentile and have a soul.
      If the mother of any child is a jew, the child is born a psychopath without a soul.
      Everything they do is to get gentiles to lose their souls and end up in Hell with them.
      They want all gentiles to be like they are immoral corrupted haters of God.
      They want you to lose your birthright as gentiles to have everlasting life in heaven.
      They get gentiles to sin against God, to imitate jews and their perversions rather than imitate Christ and be Holy, and worthy to get to heaven, to become unworthy of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.
      They killed Jesus and lost it themselves.
      They are JEALOUS and ENVIOUS of all gentiles.
      You have something so valuable and magnificent you have souls and God and his love.
      Something they can never have again.
      Their ancestors threw it all away for what Satan promised them.
      They try to be so much smarter that the gentiles
      to cover up for how stupid they feel for losing their souls
      and for having lost forever any chance to ever have God and his love
      or to ever know what eternal life in heaven is.
      The jews are pitiful and disgusting.
      They want to take that from you, what their tribe has lost it forever.
      The tribe of Ashkenaz who are controlled by Satan not loved, they are his total SLAVES.
      There is no love in the fallen angels or in any jew.
      They all live in FEAR and HATE all the time.
      They are all EGO. Delusional and believe evil is good and good is evil, like ‘sour grapes’.
      Pity them. They are the most miserable people that exist.
      If they seem happy or proud, it is just an Act.
      They know what losers they are, and that makes them SADISTIC.
      Psychology, states: sadism stems from a person feeling like a total loser.
      They are all total losers. They have NOTHING.
      They always feel horrible,
      even when they fake that they are happy.
      They will never be happy.
      Be grateful that you are not a jew, nothing is more tragic than being a jew.
      Nothing is worse than having no soul, to be without God in your life.
      That is HELL. All jews are in Hell, here on earth, and then forever, after they die.
      God has abandoned them forever for killing his only son.
      If you truly loved Jesus as God does, you would also abandon the jews forever and have nothing to do with them whatsoever. GOD does not like gentiles who love the jews,
      it is an offensive insult to him and to Jesus Christ his son to have anything to do with the jews.
      They will only try to make you like them, bring you down to Hell with them if you befriend them.

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